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Events 2012

Events 2012

  • (Photo: Consulate)
    Steve Coffman engages librarians in Barcelona about the roles of libraries in the digital age

    Vice President of Library Support Services at Library Systems and Services, Steve Coffman, delivered the opening lecture of the 13th Symposium on Information and Documentation in Barcelona on November 21. The event, organized by the Catalan Association of Librarians, is the most important event in the library field in the region of Catalonia, gathering over 300 librarians, students and information professionals. Coffman addressed the on-going discussion in the U.S. on the future of libraries in the age of Google, e-books and social media. During his visit to Barcelona, Coffman also gave a talk to high school students from Costa i Llobera's a public school in Barcelona, and did a presentation to undergraduate students from the University of Barcelona.   »

  • Election Night party at the Hotel Majestic (Photo: Consulate)
    U.S. Election Night party in Barcelona

    Around 500 people attended the election night party organized by the US Consulate General in Barcelona at the Hotel Majestic. Guests included local and regional authorities, representatives from all political parties, business leaders, the academic community and cultural contacts. Every major news organization from the consular district attended, and the consul general gave a series of live radio and TV interviews to a diversity of media outlets. 

  • Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat and Tanya C. Anderson, US Consul General in Barcelona (Photo: Generalitat de Catalunya)
    New Consul General , Tanya C. Anderson, meets with leading Catalan authorities

    As part of her incoming courtesy calls, Consul General Tanya C. Anderson met Artur Mas, president of the Generalitat; Nuria de Gispert, President of the Catalan Parliament; Maria de los Llanos de Luna, Delegate of the Spanish Government in Catalonia and Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona. The Consul General discussed issues of common interest. 

  • Andrew Wilder at Casa Asia (Photo: US Consulate General Barcelona)
    Andrew Wilder highlights the importance of the political transition in Afghanistan

    United States Institute of Peace Director of Afghanistan and Pakistan Programs, Andrew Wilder, underscored the importance of the political transition in Afghanistan during a conference at Casa Asia, organized by the Consulate General and the Catalan International Institute of Peace on October 23. In his view, the political future of Afghanistan has three upcoming challenges: the 2014 elections, the regional dimension and the reconciliation with the Talibans. During his visit to Barcelona, Wilder did also give two talks at International Relations graduate and undergraduate students at Ramon Llull University and IBEI.   »

  • Estuardo Rodríguez y Danny Vargas in Barcelona(Photos Consulate)
    Rodríguez and Vargas, a 2012 Election debate in Barcelona

    Estuardo Rodríguez, Principal and Counsel on Media and Communications at The Raben Group and Democrat strategist, and Danny Vargas, Executive Director of the National Republican Hispanic Assembly and a Republican strategist, participated on October 19 in a conference organized by the Consulate General and Institute of Social and Political Sciences at the Diputació de Barcelona, in which they confronted their views ahead of the upcoming US elections. Economy, model of nation, role of the government, healthcare reform or foreign policy are some of the topics they discussed in front of a very engaged and participative audience. 

  • Ambassador Solomont at UPF (Photo: US Consulate General Barcelona)
    Ambassador Solomont delivers remarks at Pompeu Fabra and Ramon Llull universities

    Ambassador Alan Solomont visited Pompeu Fabra and Ramon Llull universities in Barcelona on October 3, where he delivered remarks about the recent events in the Middle East, President Obama’s speech before the UN General Assembly and the upcoming US elections. In both universities, he was welcomed by a large audience of more than 200 students which were totally engaged. On the US elections, Ambassador Solomont underscored the importance of the electoral process as a national conversation which this year, according to him, will be about the role that Americans want their government to have in their lives.  

  • Mona Noriega during the seminar in CIDOB (Photo: US Consulate General Barcelona)
    Mona Noriega shares Chicago best practices on fighting discrimination

    Mona Noriega, Chairman of the Commission of Human Relations of the City of Chicago, participated in the seminar ‘Preventing Discrimination and Xenophobia: Comparative Perspectives’ organized by CIDOB Foundation, GRISC-UAB, ACSAR Foundation and the US Consulate General in Barcelona on October 2. She exposed the model of organization and operation as well as the best practices developed by the Commission she directs to fight against all the different kinds of discrimination and also hate crimes. The experiences of the US were complemented by those of Carlos Muñoz-Acevedo, from the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Homeland Security, who also highlighted the importance of the respect to civil rights in all policies implemented by the US government. 

  • Mona Noriega at Barres i Ones Highschool (Photo: US Consulate General)
    Commissioner Mona Noriega speaks at two high schools

    Mona Noriega, Chairman of the Commission of Human Relations of the City of Chicago, gave two talks at high schools: one in Lleida and the other one in Badalona. In both, Noriega exposed her work at the Commission and highlighted the importance of daily language as a tool to show respect to others and as the basis to promote tolerance and accept diversity. At the high school Barres i Ones in Badalona, she received numerous questions of students who were curious to know why she devoted her life to this issue and how similar are Chicago and Barcelona in this sense.  

  • Charles Bolden seen from CosmoCaixa via DVC (Photo: US Consulate General Barcelona)
    180 students in Barcelona speak to Charles Bolden via DVC

    180 students from three high schools and the two American schools in Barcelona spoke to NASA Administrator, Charles F. Bolden, during a video conference in CosmoCaixa. Bolden was speaking at CaixaForum in Madrid also to an audience of more than 300 students. During his lecture “Shooting for the moon: inspiring the next generation of STEM thinker”, Bolden encouraged the students in both auditoriums to study hard and go after their goals in life. Students in Barcelona could ask him their questions, as for example what had motivated him to become an astronaut. Charles Bolden answered that his parents did.  

  • Teju Cole at CCCB (Photo: US Consulate General Barcelona)
    Teju Cole talks about his “Open City”

    Writer and urban photographer Teju Cole reflected on what he calls “the cityness of cities” and nowadays identities during his conference “Open City” at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona on September 17. The conference room was packed with people willing to hear this US writer born to Nigerian parents, talk about his recently published booked named also “Open City”. During his stay in Barcelona, Cole also portrayed with his camera El Raval neighborhood in an innovative project aimed at showing this multicultural area of Barcelona with the eyes of a foreigner.   »

  • Teju Cole at INS Pau Claris (Consulate Photo)
    U.S. writer and photographer Teju Cole visits a high school in Barcelona

    "Luck has a lot to do with photography, but you also have to make your own luck". This is one of the reflections that U.S.writer and photographer Teju Cole did before a group of high school students from Barcelona. Cole spoke about his photographies and visit to the neighbourhood of the Raval, which he photographed for the first time during his visit to the city. Teju Cole came to Barcelona to present his book "Open City". 

  • Head of Government, the Ambassador and the Consul General (Photo: Government of Andorra)
    Ambassador Solomont underscores the importance of bilateral economic relations with Andorra

    On September 4-5, Ambassador Alan Solomont and the Consul General Tanya C. Anderson visited the Principality of Andorra. During their visit, Ambassador Solomont introduced the new Consul General to the Head of Government, Antoni Martí. They also met with the President of the Parliament, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Economy. Throughout the visit, the Ambassador emphasized the importance of the bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as the promotion of economic and commercial ties. 

  • University of Barcelona (Consulate Photo)
    New Consul General Tanya C. Anderson speaks before a group of students from the California-Illinois Program in Barcelona

    U.S. Consul General Tanya C. Anderson and Consular Officer Justin Williamson gave a safety and security and absentee voting presentation to 37 U.S. students from California-Illinois Program in Barcelona. These students will spend a year studying at the University of Barcelona. Following the presentation, they answered questions on the Foreign Service career and internship opportunities within the Department of State.  

  • Jordan Elist (Consulate Photo)
    Save a bottle, save a life

    Jordan Elist, a 17 years old student from the US, presented on July 9 and 10 his project “Save a Bottle/Save a Life” to a group of kids participating in a summer urban camp in Sant Joan Despí, organized by Centre d'Esplai El Nus y Esplai El Tricicle, and at the American School de Barcelona. The objective of his non-profit organization is to promote recycling cans and bottles and donate the funds obtained to a food bank in Los Angeles. His inspiring talks, in which he explained how he came up with the idea and later developed the project with some friends, were an example of entrepreneurism and highlighted the importance of community service.  

  • Consul General (Consulate Photo)
    American Independence Day Celebration at the Consulate

    On July 3 took place in the gardens of the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona, the official reception to commemorate the 236 anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Members of the Catalan government, the Parliament of Catalonia, local authorities, representatives of the civil society in the Consular District and American residents attended this traditional American party. The Michelle Faber Quintet entertained the party and U.S. singer Gwen Perry sang the national anthem.   »

  • Consul General Greggory Crouch (IEN Photo)
    The Consul General speaks at the presentation of the Kennedy Award at the IEN

    On June 28, the consul general, Greggory Crouch, gave some remarks at the presentation of the annual Kennedy Award at the Institute of North American Studies (IEN). The Kennedy award recognizes prominent Catalan citizens who have helped build bridges of understanding between Catalonia, Spain, and the United States. This year’s recipient was Dr. Valentí Fuster, who serves as Physician-in-Chief at the Mount Sinai Medical Center.  

  • Ambassador and Mrs Solomont (Photo Fundacio Abertis)
    Ambassador and Mrs. Solomont talked about Corporate Social Responsibility in Barcelona

    Ambassador and Mrs. Solomont were in Barcelona on June 13 to participate in a program on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) hosted by the Abertis Foundation. The Ambassador discussed the history of volunteerism and citizen service in the United States. Mrs. Solomont, who has spent much of her career in corporate philanthropy, reviewed the history and trends of CSR in the United States and discussed CSR best practices. She emphasized that CSR can strengthen a company’s competitive advantage by enhancing its corporate reputation.  

  • Lila Azam at the CCCB (Consulate Photo)
    Lila Azam speaks at CCCB about Nabokov and happiness

    On May 31, Lila Azam, Iranian-born writer established in US, participated in the session called “Fiction world”, a dialogue with the writer Francesc Serés at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. Both debated about Azam’s oeuvre, the concept of happiness and the influence that Vladimir Nabokov had over her career. Azam visited Barcelona as part of a series of meetings between young American writers and Spanish writers, organized by Granta magazine, Casa del Lector, Germán Sánchez Ruiperez foundation and the Consulate.  

  • Lila Azam at the UB (Consulate Photo)
    Lila Azam gives a talk to students at the University of Barcelona

    On May 31, Lila Azam gave an inspiring talk to students of 19th century American literature at the University of Barcelona. Azam, author of “The Enchanter: Nabokov and Happiness”, discussed about Nabokov’s oeuvre, the value of literature to discover what she called the “height” of words and their meanings; and also about the life adventure of reading, which is an objective activity that entails creating an interior subjective universe. Iranian-born writer established in US, Azam also spoke about her experiences as a writer in the US and about the humility that all writers need to have.  

  • Collserola (Consulate Photo)
    ASB and BFIS charity challenge for Make-A-Wish Spain Foundation

    The American School of Barcelona and the Benjamin Franklin International School, together with the Consulate General, organized a community service for the benefit of Make-A-Wish Spain Foundation, which works with children suffering serious illnesses. After having fundraised money for the foundation during the last weeks, on May 25 both schools celebrated the positive result of the project by participating in a 5 km race through Collserola Park and a barbeque at the Consulate. The Deputy Chief of Mission, Luís Moreno, who gave the starting shot of the race, highlighted the importance of community service for the Embassy in Madrid and for the whole of the Obama administration.   »

  • Seminar (Consulate Photo)
    The Consulate General participates in a seminar about working abroad

    On May 18, Consul for Political Affairs, Darby Parliament, took part in a seminar about working abroad organized by the Barcelona County which was directed to public administration workers that deal with young people from the area. Parliament gave an outline of the US labor market and explained visa requirements to work in the US. He also commented on several job and study opportunities. He shared table with representatives from France, United Kingdom and Germany.  

  • Judicial School (Consulate Photo)
    Justice O’Connor speaks about judicial independence

    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor visited Barcelona on May 17, where she gave a talk at the Judicial School about judicial independence and the role of courts in public policy. O’Connor, who was the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court –where she served from 1981 to 2006–, focused her remarks on the importance of separating the judicial branch from the others and also from social constraints, so that judges are able to make any kind of decisions, even those that may be controversial.  

  • Darby Parliament (Consulate Photo)
    Talk on the US elections at a high school

    Consul for Political and Management Affairs, Darby Parliament, gave a talk on May 9 about the US elections to a group of 100 students (ages 16-18) at Severo Ochoa high school in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). He explained the main characteristics of the US political system and highlighted the main differences of the US elections compared to the Spanish electoral system. The students were surprised to see the importance of the Latino voters in the electoral campaign and took the chance to ask him some questions related to the US government and also his job as a consul.  

  • Parliament of Catalonia (Photo Parliament)
    Consul General attends the Day of Europe commemoration ceremony at the Parliament of Catalonia

    On May 7, the Parliament of Catalonia commemorated the Day of Europe with a ceremony with the consular corps accredited in Barcelona. As dean of the consular corps, the U.S. Consul General, Greggory Crouch, highlighted the importance of Barcelona and the fact that there are 92 diplomatic representations in the city. He also spoke about US-EU relations.   »

  • Afghan delegation in Casa Asia (Consulate Photo)
    Afghan civil society representatives meet with locals counterparts

    On April 25, Sadiq Mohibi, Advisor to the Ministry of Labor on rights for the disabled; Mirwais Rahimzai, Country Director, Center for Human Services/University Research Co. LLC; Razia Arooj, Program Officer of the Education Unit, UNESCO; and Freshta Karimi, Director of Da Qanoon Ghushtonky, an NGO that provides free legal representation for women and other vulnerable sectors of society, participated in an encounter held at Casa Asia with representatives of the local civil society and reporters, members of NGOs, academics and an Afghan national. The two Afghan women highlighted the advancement of women and education in their country giving very significant numbers of female university students (20% are women). The four representatives presented today’s Afghanistan from a different perspective to that depicted in the media, the achievements made in the last ten years – “investments from the international community in 10 years has helped achieve 50 years of progress” was repeated at all venues – and the role of an increasingly strong and proactive civil society.