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Events 2011

Events 2011

  • Professor Hoover (photo: Consulate)
    Professor Hoover inaugurates the Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture

    Stewart Hoover, Professor of Media Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Director of the Center for Media, Religion, and Culture, gave the keynote speech at the official presentation of the Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture, which took place on February 3. Hoover addressed issues like transnationalism, digitalization and globalization regarding religion. In particular, he raised issues such as “digital religion” -giving very illustrative examples, such as religious applications for smartphones-, the increasing threat to the traditional religious authorities or the renewed relationship between youth and religion. Consul General Greg Crouch, Dean Josep M. Carbonell, Míriam Díez, Director of the Observatory, and Albert Sáez, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of El Periódico also participated in the event. 

  • Kathleen Doherty, Andreu Mas-Colell, Gregory Crouch (photo:Consulate)
    DAS Doherty meets with Mas-Colell

    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia, Kathleen Doherty, met with the Catalan minister of Economy and Finances, Andreu Mas Colell. Consul General Greggory Crouch also participated in the meeting in which both Doherty and Mas-Colell discussed the global economic situation and particularly in the Eurozone as well as the view from the US. Ms. Doherty also participated in a meeting at the consulate with economists, public officials and experts in international relations. 

  • Consul General Crouch (photo: Consulate)
    Consul General Crouch interviewed for 25 TV

    Consul General, Greggory Crouch, gave a 30-minute interview for the program “Tierra de Sueños” of 25 TV, a local private TV of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, which was broadcast on December 3. 25 TV has agreements with Miami TV channel to broadcast its programs in the US, New York and Pennsylvania in addition to Miami. The Consul General spoke of Islamic terrorism issues, the U.S. after 9/11, and U.S. foreign policy. 

  • Seminar's participants (photo: Consulate)
    The Consulate co-organizes a seminar on public space and diversity

    The seminar on “Public Space and Diversity: Present Problems in Regulating the Place of Worship and the Full Veil” organized by the Consulate, ACSAR Foundation and the Department of Law of the University of Barcelona took place on November 30 with the participation of Consul General Greg Crouch, who delivered the opening remarks, and Eric Treene, Special Counsel for Religious Discrimination of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice delivered the keynote speech, among other speakers. The high attendance showed the interest these issues have among the increasingly diverse local community. 

  • Arie Kruglanski (photo: Consulate)
    The psychology of terrorism according to Arie Kruglanski

    Arie Kruglanski, Distinguished Professor of Psychology of the University of Maryland spoke to graduate students at the Institute of Political and Social Sciences in Barcelona. Kruglanski focused on the psychology of terrorism, the need to understand the radicalization process and the motivations behind it to be able to confront it, and how to work towards de-radicalization, the long term objective of fighting against terror. 

  • Carol Swain (photo: Consulate)
    Carol Swain speaks on the US National Archives at Memorimage Film Festival

    Carol Swain, Reference Archivist of the Research Services, Motion Pictures, Video and Sound Recordings Branch of NARA (National Archives and Records Administration), delivered two keynote speechs in the context of the Memorimage Documentary Film Festival which took place in Reus (Tarragona) on November 12 on “NARA: What It Is and How It Works. U.S. Copyright Law” and “NARA’s Holdings: “How to Consult Its Collection and Survive.” Carol Swain also delivered talks at the School of Library Sciences, University of Barcelona and at the Department of Culture where she spoke to professional archivists. 

  • Workshop on Interreligious Dialogue (photo: Consulate)
    Workshop for youth on interfaith dialogue at the UNESCO Center of Catalonia

    The Consulate and the UNESCO Center of Catalonia organized a one day workshop on Interreligious Dialogue on November 5 with a group of young members of different religious communities in the region among which were Sufi Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Budhists, Catholics, Protestants, and Sikhs. The 18 young participants together with Krithika Harish, the United Religions Initiative Young Leaders Program Coordinator (San Francisco, CA) and other mediators discussed a wide range of issues around religious diversity. Participants discussed and shared situations of intolerance and tolerance lived as members of different religious traditions, which ended with proposals on how to fight against intolerance. 

  • Michael Weintrob (photo: Consulate)
    Photographer Michael Weintrob talks to students about his experiences

    During the month of November, photographer Michael Weintrob delivered talks at three public high schools in the Barcelona area. His talks on how he became a photographer through music, his working techniques, his connections with the world of music and jazz, were a true inspiration for students. Weintrob also talked at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia. 

  • Michael Weintrob (photo: Consulate)
    “Instrument Head” photography exhibit opened at Hotel Havana Barcelona

    Michael Weintrob’s photography exhibit “Instrument Head” opened at Hotel Havana Barcelona in the context of the 43rd International Jazz Festival on November 2nd. At the opening, the Consul General Greggory Crouch and the photographer delivered remarks as well as the Director of the Festival. Michael Weintrob also gave a guided tour of the exhibit to students from a local public school. 

  • Dr. Kathryn La Barre (photo: Consulate)
    Kathryn La Barre participates in conference IBERSID in Zaragoza

    Dr. Kathryn La Barre from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, took part in the international conference IBERSID in Zaragoza which focused on “Knowledge Representation and Organization” as related to information retrieval and how data, information and knowledge is organized in a networked world, especially with the web 2.0. This event gathered a large number of information professionals, knowledge managers, librarians, researches and students from all over the world. 

  • Professor Jentleson at UAB (Consulate Photo)
    Professor Bruce Jentleson analyzes U.S. Foreign Policy since 9/11

    Professor Bruce Jentleson from Duke University and former Senior Advisor for Policy Planning at the Department of State (2009-11),opened this year's edition of the Master of International Relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He also gave several press interviews and delivered a lecture at the CIDOB Foundation. 

  • CG and Jaume Torramadé (photo Consulate)
    The Consul General visits Girona

    Consul General Greggory Crouch visited Girona on September 21, where he met with the Mayor Carles Puigdemont, the Subdelegate of the Spanish government Francesc Francisco-Busquets, and President of the Diputación and Mayor of Salt Jaume Torramadé. The Consul General was also interviewed by the leading local newspaper Diari de Girona, in which he talked about the upcoming presidential campaign in the United States, the economic crisis and the Obama Administrations focus on creating jobs. 

  • Opening (Foto Miró Foundation)
    The Consulate supports an exhibit by American curator Karin Campbell at the Miró Foundation

    On September 29 was the opening of the first of a series of exhibits entitled “The End Is Where We Start From” at the Miró Foundation curated by American curator Karin Campbell. The projects included in this cycle are stories that, to some extent, derives from the personal experiences of each artist. This series of exhibits received the support of the Consulate and will will be open until July 8, 2012. 

  • Dr. Amin Tarzi and Rafael Bueno
    Conference at Casa Asia on Iran's Changing Political Landscape from a U.S. Perspective

    On September 26 Dr. Amin Tarzi, Director of Middle East Studies at the Marine Corps University gave a talk at Casa Asia about Iran where he reviewed the country's internal dynamics since the reelection of President Ahmadinejad and the current realignments of power structure within the Islamic Republic and the impact these have on U.S. regional policies and priorities. Tarzi also participated in a breakfast discussion hosted by the Consul General with journalists and academics from Barcelona.  

  • Exhibit "Design for Obama" (Consulate photo)
    Opening of the exhibit "Design for Obama" in Barcelona

    On September 22 was the opening of the exhibit “Design for Obama” at the School of Art and Design La Llotja of Barcelona, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Madrid and the Escuela de Arte 10 Madrid. This is a double exhibit, with eighty posters selected by Spike Lee and Aaron Perry-Zucker from the site This website was an innovative contribution to the field of design and visual arts in the U.S. during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. It will be open October 14. 

  • Clifford Chanin (Consulate photo)
    The Director of Education of the National September 11 Memorial Museum visits Barcelona

    On September 19, Clifford Chanin, Director of Education and programming adviser of the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York, opened the cycle of lectures “9/11 – The World Ten Years on” at the CCCB. He spoke about the museum’s project and announced the likely opening of the museum in September 2012.  »

  • Consul General and IEN's director (photo Consulate)
    The Consul General visits the exhibit "Headlines of History" at the IEN

    The Consul General Greggory Crouch visited the exhibition "Headlines of History" at the Foundation Institute for North American Studies (IEN) in Barcelona. This exhibition displays the front pages of 53 newspapers from around the world the day after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The exhibition will be open until October 15, 2011. 

  • CCCB (Photo Consulate)
    Opening at the CCCB of the exhibit about 9/11

    On September 8 took place the opening at the CCCB of the exhibition about 9/11 “11-S NY. Memory Remains” by the artist Francesc Torres. Coinciding with the exhibition and with the collaboration of the Consulate, there will be a cycle of lectures (9/11 / The World Ten Years On) from which we highlight the one from Clifford Chanin from the National September 11 Memorial Museum (September 19 at 19:30).  »

  • Consul General (Consulate Photo)
    American Independence Day Celebration at the Consulate

    On June 30 took place in the gardens of the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona, the official reception to commemorate the 235th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Members of the Catalan government, local authorities, representatives of the civil society in the Consular District and American residents attended this traditional American party. The Michelle Faber Quintet entertained the party and U.S. singer Gwen Perry sang the national anthem. Flickr »

  • Meeting (Consulate Photo)
    The Consulate facilitates a meeting between the UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons and civil society

    On 22 June, the Consulate coordinated a meeting between the UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, Ms. Joy Ezeilo, and seven NGO representatives that actively work in the field of human trafficking. The meeting represented a first contact between both parties in which the NGOs were able to explain the Catalan reality in regards to trafficking. The Special Rapporteur had the opportunity to brief the participants on her mandate as well as on possible ways they can closely cooperate in the future. 

  • Tournament participants (Consulate Photo)
    Soccer Tournament between the American School of Barcelona and the Ibn Batuta Association

    On June 18 took place a soccer tournament between the American School of Barcelona and the Ibn Batuta Association from Sant Boi. The tournament, held at the premises of the American School, gathered children and teenagers from six to fifteen years old. This new project aims to bring together young people from different communities to promote mutual understanding. Flickr »

  • Andorran Parliament (Photo Parliament)
    Ambassador Solomont Strengthens Andorran-US Relations

    On June 10, Ambassador Alan Solomont and his wife visited Andorra. During his visit to the Principality, Ambassador Solomont met with the President of the Parliament and the new Head of Government, Antoni Martí. The Ambassador had lunch with Andorran business leaders at the Chamber of Commerce of Andorra. 

  • Tarragona (Photo City Hall)
    Ambassador Solomont visits Tarragona

    U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont and his wife visited the city of Tarragona where they met with the mayor, and later with members of the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona. In the afternoon, he attended the opening ceremony of the new facilities of the Global Center for Water Technology Development from Dow Chemical. 

  • Seminar (Consulate Photo)
    Seminar on Democracy and Religious Freedom

    On June 3 took place a seminar on "Democracy and Religious Freedom ", organized by UNESCOCAT in collaboration with the Consulate. Dwight Bashir from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) spoke about the indicators of freedom of religion and democracy. More »

  • Consul General (Radio 4 photo)
    Consul General interviewed on Radio 4

    On June 1, Consul General Greggory Crouch was interviewed live for Radio 4 morning news program “Mati a 4 Bandes” on the role of the Consulate, the Obama Administration’s foreign policy priorities and U.S.-Spain bilateral relations. (Radio 4 Photo) Podcast »