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News from the Consulate

  • Alan Brown at ESCAC (Photo U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona)
    U.S. filmmaker gives master class at ESCAC film school

    The School of Cinema and Visual Communication of Catalonia (ESCAC) hosted U.S. filmmaker Alan Brown on Thursday, July 10. Brown gave a master class to aspiring filmmakers participating in an intensive summer program. During the class, students screened Brown’s first short film titled “O Beautiful” and discussed best practices. Brown advised students on how to write compelling stories, work with actors, and shoot within a limited budget and time frame. He also described how film and other art forms can be used as tools to facilitate political change. He underscored that filmmakers must be aware of what they put on the screen because it can affect lives in unimaginable ways. He reminded students of the power of cinema and advised them to use it well. 

  • Alan Brown and U.S. Consul General, Tanya C. Anderson (Photo: U.S. Consulate General, Barcelona)
    U.S. filmmaker Alan Brown participates in breakfast roundtable with local LGBT community leaders

    Award winning film-maker and author Alan Brown participated in a breakfast roundtable hosted by Consul General Tanya Anderson. The event gathered representatives from the local LGBT community to discuss how the arts, including film, can be an effective means to promote LGBT rights and initiatives. Those gathered represented a large variety of NGOs dedicated to serving various segments of the LGBT community. In the context of using the arts as a tool for political change, Brown reminded attendees that his work would be useless if it is only seen by an LGBT audience. Participants discussed the various ways of disseminating activist art to the broader community. The need to motivate young people to participate was also underscored and Consul General Anderson drew attention to the use of the Internet and new technologies to as a means of reaching a broader audience. Participants also discussed some of the challenges to securing and maintaining rights for the LGBT community, including funding and changing social attitudes. 

  • U.S. Independence Day Celebration at the Consulate (Photo: U.S. Consulate General, Barcelona)
    U.S. Independence Day celebration at the Consulate General

    On Thursday, July 3 Consul General Tanya Anderson hosted a celebration for the 238th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence. The nearly 600 attendees came from all sectors of the region’s society including government, business, education, and the press. The theme of the celebration was “Building Bridges: Barcelona - San Francisco Friendship.” In her remarks, Consul General Anderson highlighted some of the most important ties that unite the cities of Barcelona and San Francisco, including technology, diversity, and shared history. The national anthem was sung by Gwen Perry and the Whim 'n Rhythm a capella group from Yale University entertained guests with songs throughout the night.  

  • Consular Officer, Ramon Menendez-Carreira with U.S. students at the UPF (Photo: U.S. Consulate General Barcelona)
    U.S. students studying in Barcelona learn about the mission and services of the Consulate General

    Consular Officer Ramon Menendez-Carreira presented at an information session for U.S. Citizens studying at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona this summer. The more than 100 students in attendance learned about the mission of the Consulate General and the services that it provides. Students were also given important safety and security tips in order to ensure that their time in Barcelona is enjoyable and beneficial. Consul Menendez-Carreira distributed informational pamphlets and encouraged students to contact the Consulate General whenever necessary. 


  • The Consulate General in Barcelona does NOT issue visas. Visa processing takes place at the Embassy in Madrid.  If you wish further information concerning visas, please visit Embassy Madrid's website.

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